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Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy can come with many unpleasant symptoms such as back aches, hip aches, sciatic pain, leg cramps, swelling, headaches, and stress. Pregnancy massage is a great way to help combat these symptoms. It focuses on enhancing the wellness of the expectant mother and baby.

Therapists adapt the massage lying position to accommodate the baby. During the first trimester women are usually still able to lay normally. After 18 weeks, the mother must be propped up when laying face up. Pregnancy massage also utilizes the side-lying position. During prenatal massage, therapists will avoid pressure points on the ankles and wrists that can gently stimulate pelvic muscles, including the uterus.

Massage Therapy during pregnancy can help to reduce stress, improve circulation, promote relaxation, reduce muscle aches, sciatic pain or headache tension, decrease swelling or edema, and promote overall wellbeing for mom and baby. By reducing these stresses and keeping mom happy, it can lead to fewer complications at delivery for a healthy baby.

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